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Our New Online Issue is Programmed to Destroy You

Check out our new online issue for stories about sex, driving, drinking in parking lots, bad literary readings (or awesome ones, depending on your point of view), fighting, and a different take on the hero’s quest. Where else you gonna get all that, Internet?

We’ve got work from Aaron Burch, Roxane Gay, David Holub, Brian Oliu, Amber Sparks, and Jyotsna Sreenivasan. Woot!

Click on the links to the right for individual stories, or on the link below for a table of contents kinda thing.

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There was looming? (1)
There was.
Like what?
What do you mean?
What does looming mean to you?
In this case, maybe a cross between a vulture circling, and one those heads on Easter Island, a sort of circling, yet a circling that doesn’t require any actual movement, a stoic circling I suppose. Maybe it was more like hovering. (2) Or loovering?
Loovering? Alright.
That didn’t help, did it?
Not sure, but we will proceed. Is there always looming, er, hovering?
No, it’s not a daily thing, but on this day, there was looming. Or hovering.
Say more.
It’s almost a …

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I am totally pumped for December’s Barrelhouse Presents. We’ve got readers from Supermachine! In case you’re not in the know, Supermachine is only the most awesome poetry journal/small press/reading series in all the world. Join us on Saturday, December 11th at 7 PM, upstairs at Wonderland Ballroom and all will be revealed to you.
This is our last reading of the year and then we’ll take a little break to prepare for the coming AWP madness and the two (TWO!) kick-ass off-sites we’ve got planned. We live here people. You know …

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Guest post by Dave Larsen
Alan Wake dares to do what no other triple-AAA action games being made recently will attempt: it makes its protagonist a writer, which breaks from the usual game protagonist mold of space marine/cop/space cop/marine/warrior/wizard/Italian plumber. And, because Alan Wake is a writer, you’d better believe your dog-eared thesaurus that writing is a central tenet of this dark, murky psychological thriller that tries very hard to be deep, atmospheric and, well, psychologically thrilling, but in the end falls short of all of these aims, except the murkyness. …

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I could post these every day, but I spare you most of them. This one is pretty good, though, and not at all too-specific:

following areas: TN, Northwest region of GA, East TX, North
LA Seeking families who cannot stand each other’s decorating
style. Like a son cannot stand the way his mom has painted the
living room wall GOLD color; a wife who is extremely embarrassed
about her dining room because her husband hangs place mats on the
wall as artwork… If someone you are living …

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Star Wars again?
Not exactly. The Empire Strikes Back. (1)
That’s splitting hairs.
Maybe. But this is in reference to The Empire Strikes Back in particular, and not Star Wars itself.
Fine, the point is how often you turn, and return to Star Wards writ large, as a reference point.
Got it. And guilty. It is a touchstone (2) for me, and more so as a parent. It represents childhood in some ways, watching it is one of my favorite memories on the one hand, but on the other hand, as popular as it was, …